Cinemagraph maker

Cinemagraphy is all about adding life to a single still image. The entire image does not move but one single component of an image is lit by life. It is the cusp between an image and a video. One may compare it with the latest GIFs; however, a cinemagraph has a far better resolution but is not as expressive as a GIF.

It is obvious that as a cinemagraph maker, you mostly are an expert in this field but it would be incorrect to expect perfection in making your website that is SEO optimized. Knowing all about SERP or the outcome of Google Pigeon Algorithm has on any website about business is not expected of you. But if you need to launch a website that needs to be viewed by potential clients you need to be seen. And to be seen, SERP, as well as website optimization, is crucial. What are the tricks of the trade that will get your website to rank well and be seen more often? All your problems can be solved when you hire a reputed SEO company that specializes in creating SEO optimized websites for cinemagraph software and others.

In case you are doing it on your own, here are a few tips to bear in mind.

SEO Optimization:

This is the first and most crucial step in order to make your website a success. For this, there are some technical steps that need to be followed. Here are a few of them:

Indexing: This is to ensure your website is being found by search engines when users are looking for it. If your website is not seen in the first place, there is no way it will be ranked anywhere. Try typing the name of your website and check if it is being listed on every page of all search engines.

Mobile Friendly: Most of the internet surfing today takes place on mobile phones. If your website is not mobile friendly most people will walk out.

Page Speed: No one wants to waste time on one page for long. Make sure your page speed is fast enough.