7 Ways To Buy Social Media Likes

Social media Likes are not always earned. Though getting them through any other manner may deceive the purpose of social media, many businesses are doing so these days to help their business grow.

Different businesses cater to different groups of people. When you need more likes from a certain section of people, you need to target them specifically. My business which caters more to the Arabs required more Likes and attention from this section of people. I found Arab instagram followers from this site.

Here are 7 ways in which you can buy these Likes too


  1. Find pages or groups where your target audience is a part of our followers of. Start tagging this page in your posts, to get their attention. This will lead to people from your target audience seeing and liking your posts.
  2. Tag relevant people in your posts. When their followers see a tagged post, they are bound to go through it and this increases the chances of getting more Likes.
  3. Tag the places at which the photo was taken or where the event happened. When people are browsing about the location, they will see your post and again, this increases the chances of your post getting more relevant Likes.


  1. Use filters for your photos. This will get more attention. However, maintain your filters. Restrict it to two or three filters at all times. This way, when a person opens their page and sees the photo with a filter, they will associate it with your page, without having to check who posted it.
  2. Use filters where the photo will be enhanced. If the image is not going to be very clear, not many will Like the photo.


  1. There are many websites that sell these Likes. They will help you increase your social media Likes overnight, putting your page on the map and making others take note of it.
  2. Start tagging the website that sells “Likes” too in your posts. People who have taken help like you are bound to see your posts and Like it.

Questions On SEO That You Should Know About

Here is a list of some of the basic question and answers on SEO and if you still have more queries or need to avail SEO services, then contact Mail Banger.

  1. What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a process of optimizing content displayed on your website so as to earn high rankings and gain majority traffic.

  1. What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics, powered by Google, is a free service that tracks and provides statistics reports for website traffic.

  1. How SEO works?

SEO functions with the intention of increasing website rankings by creating a powerful digital presence on the internet, thus resulting in increased traffic, improved leads and more profit to boost your business.

  1. How is SEO carried out?

SEO can be carried out by creatively creating a suitable domain name and incorporating many of the SEO related factors such as keywords, anchor text, keyword density, keyword placement, LSI keywords, page load time, user time on webpage, content score, click-through rate, number & quality of backlinks, user-friendliness on other devices, social signals and much more.

  1. What are meta tags?

Meta tags are small sized data that provides information on a webpage. Meta tags can be title tag, keywords or meta description regarding any page. Meta tags are not visible on the page rather appear in the code and are only picked up by search engines.

  1. What are canonical links?

Canonical links serve as a subtle redirect. These do not redirect the users but instead requests the browsers to redirect the users to one single version of URLs that may have duplicate versions. For example, www.abc.com and https://www.abc.com/ are two different versions loading the same content.

  1. What is the role of social media in SEO?

Social media plays an important role in SEO because websites with good content get shared, liked, tweeted several times on social media, thereby increasing the visibility of the website many folds in a matter of seconds.

Effective Strategies For Social Media Likes

Want to increase your social media likes? Check out Social media panel, you are bound to find some interesting and useful tips.

Meanwhile, here are a few strategies to get you more likes on a social media page

  1. Interesting Posts

When you post something on social media, ensure it is interesting. If not people will not pay much attention to it or like it. More the number of people liking your photo or post will increase its visibility, thereby enabling more people to view and like it.

  1. Authentic

Always ensure what you post online is authentic. This is taking responsibility for your actions. You cannot post something that is not true just because you found it interesting or though more people will react to it. When your posts are not authentic, you will lose your followers over a period of time. No one is on social media to get fake news or information.

  1. Regular Intervals

As you are aware of feeds get refreshed regularly. If you post at a high frequency, your posts will get missed when the feeds are refreshed as only the latest will be more visible. Hence post at regular intervals, giving enough time for the previous post to be seen and liked. This will not only increase the visibility of your posts but will also get you more likes per post.

  1. Description

When you are posting something abstract, give a good caption or an interesting description. People will hesitate to like your post or photo if they are not sure what it is about. When your caption is hilarious or interesting, it will get you more like than the photo by itself. Similarly, a good description of some abstract photo will also get you more likes. The idea is to ensure your posts reach other loud and clear.