Creative ways for impacting brand on Facebook

Evaluation the social media engagement matters more than just designing a good social media marketing campaign. But when we say social media engagement, what really matters to you would differ how you measure the effectiveness. Some companies care more about Facebook likes and some care about shares. And to some business it is about the conversion rate and the actual improvement in the sales of the products and services.

Get noticed

No matter what the objective is, the first step is to focus on increase the visibility. Even if you have a unique brand name there might be many other social media pages with the same name. And even if there is no other social media page by the same name, unless the customers key in the name it might be difficult to get noticed. So take steps to actually get noticed. Some do this by giving some incentives and benefits to customers who like and share the page. There might be promotional campaigns to encourage customers to share your page and thus help in reaching a wider group of customers.

Keep the page interactive

Your social media pages should not be one-way communication channels. Keep the whole page interactive. Update the page regularly. Run contests and campaigns that would involve customers. This would make the page more interesting. And this would establish your brand identity.

Ratings talk volumes

Encourage customers to rate your products and services. This would be a way to show them that you really care about their opinion. And be sure to respond to the customer reviews to show them that you are always there to listen to the customer queries. This would make the customers feel acknowledged and this goes a long way in achieving customer retention. When they know that they get prompt response to their problems they would keep coming back to you.


Search engine optimization is a beast wanting a better phrase. SEO has gained importance as it helps drive good quality traffic, boosts your visibility and brand online, and gives you the desired business. Here are some tips and tricks to create a strong and effective SEO.

  1. Unique and innovative: The content that is being posted should be unique and very much of your own. No content should be copied or reproduced. It should be original. It is an ideal practice to use a keyword, or use italics to highlight the important topic.
  2. Use “nofollow” links: They are just hyperlinks used by a web developer to avoid search engines from taking the material. It is done to take care of their content and boosts your page significantly.
  3. Have a mobile compliant site. The pop ups need to be reduced to avoid being penalized.
  4. Use relevant and topical back links. They can increase the SEO ranking.
  5. A faster website and page will make Google and also the users happy. Thus your site will be promoted and share more.
  6. Create content in such a way that it should be the best available on the internet. Quality content should be prepared and not just content. The aim should be to feature on the top page of the website.
  7. Use videos, voice files, slide presentations, and any other multimedia content available.

There are several agencies that offer tips on increasing the SEO ranking. I found a great creative agency in London here which helps in designing the best SEO to deliver the best marketing services. It helps in building mobile compliant websites; uses back links and give the best SEO rating.

So before you hit the button to publish, go through these tips to make your content the best.